Fred van Leeuwen is a landscape, commercial and concert photographer based in Cheltenham, United Kingdom. operating under The Image Engineer.

Formerly from South Africa, he has been working professionally as a photographer and filmmaker for 16 years. Fred first made a name for himself through capturing live concert photography of local bands in South Africa. Later on, he expanded his passion into the finer arts of landscape photography and commercial & advertising photography. A passion for storytelling led him to dive into the world of filmmaking and start creating short films and music videos in which he found a new way to express his distinct style of visual storytelling.

Fred’s dedication to challenging boundaries and a flair for visually dynamic storytelling resulted in being commissioned by large clients such as Mercedes-Benz, Disaronno, Six Dogs Gin and Fairview Wines. His passion for music resulted in shooting stills and music videos for artists such as Deftones, Iron Maiden, Jinjer, Doc Maclean, Kings of Chaos, The Black Cat Bones, Fokofpolisiekar and many more.

Fred now resides in Cheltenham, U.K, and continues to explore his passion for landscape photography, while recently making his work available as NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens) on platforms such as OpenSea and Showtime.